Bodywise By Betty



The B in Studio B Fitness stands for providing classes in a Below ground setting in: BOUNCE (ReBounding) BARRE (Ballet inspired fused with Bands, Balls, Pilates & Yoga) and BODYWISE STRONG (Bar Bell and Body Weight Strength training). They were created and are taught by Betty  of BODYWISE BY BETTY!


Studio B will become not only a place where you will improve your health and wellness, you will also make new friends. STUDIO B is more than an all women group fitness studio and personal training studio.  STUDIO B is specializing in fitness for mature women who lift each other up and support and encourage each other no matter where anyone is on their fitness journey - IN A VERY PRIVATE NON INTIMIDATING SETTING.

All of the STUDIO B instructors are FEMALE and certified by nationally accredited organizations and are very knowledgeable. Each instructor demonstrates modifications to accommodate the beginner as well as the more advanced fitness levels.

BODYWISE VOD (Video-on-Demand) and 


NOW in the time of Covid, I had to "close my business down" for a year and counting.  So, I have spent many months recording my classes. Some are recorded we just me. But most recently, I've been able to record them live - with other people in them. So it has the "feel" of a live class.

BODYWISE VOD is now available.  These classes, like my studio classes are made for WOMEN.

They consist of the following 4 formats::

BODYWISE BOUNCE: REBOUNDING - Mini Trampoline Aerobics combined with Strength or Barre or Pilate or Yoga or just a Pure Bounce class.

BODYWISE BOX-N- A CARDIO BARRE: class that infuses Upper Body Boxing and Ballet inspired fitness moves and free weight to brun calories, tone and sculpt your body.

BODYWISE STRONG _ A pure strength training class that infuses STEP AEROBICS for Cardio and incorporates: Med to Lge free weight, Bar Bells, Body Bars, Steps, Kettle Bells, Abs  and more to help you develop a strong body and avoid injury.

BODYWISE YOGA:  To STRETCH/FLEX/CALM & BE MORE MOBILE: Yoga, Pilates and Core work combined with deep stretching USING YOGA POSES and Therabands.

You can purchase unlimited access to ALL  of these class formats for women or you can purchase one format (BOUNCE, STRONG OR BARRE). 

Whatever package you choose, you will have unlimited access to the videos you choose with new ones added every month. 







VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions, we are running very limited schedule in the studio.

Mon or Tues eve Barre 6:15pm

Thursday Bodywise Strong ay 9:30am

Sat Rebounding & Strength. Class limited to 7 people.



Personal Training one-on-one or two on one on mornings only 9:45am, 11:00am and 12:15pm

CLASS EDIQUETTE:  Please try to arrive a few min early to set up equipment. You must carry a clean pair of sneakers to studio and change into them when you arrive.  However, our classes are user friendly and unlike other studios, we don't mind if you are running late. We won't close the doors on you.  We understand that life has a way of disrupting your schedule.  We would rather you arrive a few minutes late, then miss the class we know you need!!  

CLASSES ARE CONFIRMED EACH WEEK BY BETTY - Participants must email Betty to reserve their classes.  Once Betty has 4-5 women registered, she will confirm by email to the group.