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Bodywise - Bounce to Be Fit has the only Rebounding Center in the Tri-State area.  Master Rebounding instructors, provide more Rebounding classes with more variety then any other fitness facility around, including NYC..  


Bodywise combines REBOUNDING with Strength Training, Boxing, Pilates, and Barre!


REBOUNDING (aerobics on a mini-trampoline) is one of the best aerobic workouts around.  Participants literally “jump for joy”.  Rebounding takes cardio aerobics to a whole new level in this fun class that incorporates standard aerobic moves, sport-specific training, core stabilization techniques, boxing and barre work,  with abdominal work, all performed to high-energy licensed Rebounding, Barre and Pump music with an enthusiastic instructor!  This thrilling and exhilarating workout challenges your heart and lungs, and continually challenges stamina, endurance, balance, coordination and proprioception. 


Appropriate even for a Beginner and advance exerciser, it provides interval strength training using light weights and body weight; push ups, squats, lunges and balance challenges all performed on the Rebounder. Ends with Abd work and stretch on and off the Rebounder.


Our goal is to provide YOU with a unique fitness experience that's fun, unique and challenging and to encourage you to keep coming back because consistentency is key to getting fit and staying fit.   Rebounding is definitely one of those ways!  Its fun, it’s exciting.  It’s performed to popular and engerizing everyday music that you love.  



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