"Video - on - Demand"

As Fitness professional, I know that moving, staying positive, breathe work, prayer, meditation and working towards a goal is vital to physical and mental health during a stressful period of time. Especially when the stress and inability to be active is prolonged as it has been with Covid.


Like many small businesses, I've have not been able to operate as usual due to covid restrictions. I was completely closed for a very long time.  So as a small business struggling due to COVID closures, I needed to create a new way to support my business or risk closing for good. Believe me I've come very close at times.   I can't tell you how many times I have had to "reinvent myself" to stay afloat.   

Thankfully for me, one of the ways I WAS able to stay positive and healthy during Covid, even as my business was closed, was to keep moving by recording my classes.   I have managed to emass over 300 videos to date and counting.  So in an effort to continue to STAY AFLOAT and STRONG IN MY BUSINESS,    I have put them online, with hope that YOU will support my small business and purchase them and enjoy them.  I promise you, they are worth every penny!! 


Here are some of the classes you can look forward to enjoying when you subscribe to  my              Video-on-Demand VOD service.

For adult/women/teens I have:   


Bodywise Cardio Box-n-Barre  (Chair- light weights or water bottles, band, ball)

Bodywise Bounce - Rebounding- mini trampoline aerobics

Bodywise Strong - Strength Training with and without props

Bodywise Step Strong - Aerobics combined with strength and flexibility ( Step-weights)

Bodywise Core -  Pilates - (Yoga Mat, Small Ball, Band)

Bodywise Flex - Yoga, Flexibility and Mobility.   (Yoga Mat)

Bodywise Hoop - Hula Hoop Aerobics class for teens and adults (Hooping, strength & Core work) 

For Kids Pre K - Gr 1: 


Zumbini/Zumba Kids.

Bodywise Kids Yoga

Bodywise Story Time Yoga

Bodywise Mindfulness Yoga and relaxation. 

Kiddie Fit (General Fitness Calisthenics) 

Hula Hoop Fitness


For Gr 2-5: 

Bodywise Pump-n-Jump Kids Rebounding

Bodywise Hoop - Hula Hooping

Regular Fitness-Calestenics

Bodywise Yoga Strong Kids. 

Bodywise Mindfulness Yoga for Kids

Bodywise Step-it-up Kids Step Aerobics

If you got the the 'PRICING PAGE" you will see that you can purchase kids and family only packages or you can do a single type of class package such a Barre Only or Strong only or you can purchase a combination of these formats.  You can even purchase a package that includes ALL OF THE VIDEOS ON THE SITE!! 


These are very affordably priced and I do hope you will consider subscribing as you will be helping a small business in Stamford survive COVID closures and you could help good causes.


Thank you in advance for your kindness!



By registering and purchasing these on demand videos, I acknowledge that I AND or my child has voluntarily chosen to participate in these on line videos on demand provided by Bodywise by Betty. I understand that these classes or programs are of progressive physical exercise and resistance training, which can enhance the musculo- skeletal and cardio-respiratory systems. I acknowledge being aware of the possible strenuous nature of the program and the potential for unusual, but possible, injury and or negative physiological results. By purchasing, I assume all risk for my health or my childs health and well-being and hold harmless of any responsibility, the instructor, facility or any persons involved with this program. I understand that questions about exercise procedures and recommendations are encouraged and welcomed. I understand that I should consult with my medical physician to participate in the program if I am at risk for any reason before participating.

 I understand that all Bodywise by BettyTM - Bounce to be Fit®  Classes, programs, music, choreography, and method of delivery are the intellectual property of Betty-Kelly Camlin and copyright protected. They may not be duplicated, recorded, or used or viewed by any person or facility that has not registered and paid for use without expressed written consent of Bodywise.