KIDS NIGHT OUT - $45pp $75/FAMILY of 2  EVE 6:00 -10:00PM

       (Fit Kids in Kitchen)       (Valentine theme)      (Wearin of the Green)      (Yoga Spa theme)       (American Girl Dance or Yoga)

                        (Patriotic)            ( Acting/Theater)           (Halloween)            (Thankful )       (Holiday)              (Glamour)


The purpose of our KIDS NIGHT OUT” for grades 1-5, is to provide parents an opportunity to have a night off for themselves to go to dinner or movie or just relax at home and know that there is a place for the kids to go that emphasizes fitness, health and wellness, that is also fun, safe and nurturing.


The night usually begins at 6pm and ends at 10pm. However, you are welcome to pick up the kids earlier if necessary.  The kids should have dinner before they arrvive. We will provide a snack. When we reach 16 kids, DINNER IS ONE US!!  They need to wear comfortable clothes for exercise and warmer clothes Nov- Mar (warm ups work best) and wear as much white as possible for the “Glow Affect”.  They need to bring a large beach towel and a water bottle. No candy, juice allowed in studio and refrain from bringing toys or electronic devices as they just distract the kids.


We require a min of 10 and a max of 16 kids.  Bring a new friend or two so we can hit our max.  


Each Kid's Night Out has a different theme. 


The fee for all Kids Night Out is: $45pp  $75/ family of 2.    


Email me at for information regarding the lastest kids night out event and for paypal link if you want to pay by credit card.