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1.      First and formost,  It’s enjoyable.  I am a big believer that you have to find an exercise that you love in order           to "stick with it" and be consistent.  Rebounding is that exercise.  Kids and adults a like literally, “jump for               joy”.  Bouncing puts smiles on our faces and in our hearts!  Perhaps it is because at the top of the bounce,            when we escape gravity for  that tiny fraction of a second our spirits are reminded of their true nature –                  unbounded by  space.  Then when our body “doubles down” at the bottom of the bounce, we eventually                create some  endorphin euphoria.  Thereby reducing stress and depression.  We just get happy!    



2.        It’s effective.  It massages and strengthens all 75 trillion cells in the body, which results in a

          stronger immune system.


3.        It’s easy on the body.  One NASA report states that rebounding has a 78% less shock on impact             

           than jogging.

4.        Rebounding is both massage and exercise at the cell level.


5.        It increases circulation of molecules into and out of the cells by a factor of 3.


6.        The effects of rebounding at the cellular level are:


        - greater relaxation

        - increased strength

        - more nourishment

        - better detoxification


7.      Great Cardiovascular Benefits


8.      Burns Calories, Tones Body


9.      Helps reduce stress & increase energy


10.     Elevates mood - releases endorphines - mood elevating chemicals in the brain.


11.     Improves balance, agility, coordiantion and propiroception.


12.    Rebounding stimulates every in the body enhancing it's ability to function better.


13.   Children and adults gain a greater sense of self confidence


Participants can workout for a longer time because of the decreased impact provided a soft landing  surface of a rebounder.  Since cells are the body’s living building blocks, any positive change to the cells  cascade up to the tissues,   organs, and systemic functions thereby increasing endurance



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