I specialize in FITNESS - HEALTH & WELLNESS FOR WOMEN, AND for CHILDREN                     Grades PRE K- GRADE 5.    I am a former medical professsional with over 20 years of personal training experience, holding advanced instructor certifications inADULT FITNESS: Rebounding, Barre Fitness, Boxing and Strength Training, and AFAA Mat Pilate's & Yoga and Midlife Fitness for Women and Nutrition..  


For Children’s classes I am certified in:  Dance, Karma Kids and Radiant Child Yoga, Yoga & Mindfulness Classes for Children and Teens, USA Jump Rope Sports, Youth Fitness,  and Hula Hoop Dance. 

My goal when I started my business was to create a variety of  FUN non intimidating fitness & wellness programs for WOMEN & FOR CHILDREN that uses a positive approach to music, movements, and choreography in each venue,  and to foster a message of community wellness.  My hope was to impact the lives of women, kids and families with the powerful message that your fitness and lifestyle are directly connected to your health and well-being.   Through education, motivation, and supporting clients with a positive attitude,  I do my best to make fitness, CONVENIENT, FUN AND most of all, AFFORDABLE.  

I have developed or designed several unique and engaging fitness classes for Women and Children. Some of my classes you won't find anywhere else.  They are provided in my studio for WOMEN ONLY and after school and in camp venues for kids. 


The studio is a "Boutique" like facility with a comfortable setting.  The studio becomes a Disco, with party lights and disco balls for our Bounce in the Glow and Zumba classes and Birthday Parties.  We have subdued lighting for cool downs, during Yoga.

I NOW HAVE VIDEOS-ON-DEMAND.  Whether you want them so you can do more of my classes each week or because of COVID restrictions, these are great classes and well worth the investment. 

BODYWISE VOD ( vidoe-on-demand)   These classes, like my studio classes are made for WOMEN.

They consist of the following 4 formats::

BODYWISE BOUNCE: REBOUNDING - Mini Trampoline Aerobics combined with Strength or Barre or Pilate or Yoga or just a Pure Bounce class.

BODYWISE BOX- N- BARRE   A CARDIO BARRE: class that infuses Upper Body Boxing and Ballet inspired fitness moves and free weight to brun calories, tone and sculpt your body.

BODYWISE STRONG _ A pure strength training class that infuses STEP AEROBICS for Cardio and incorporates: Med to Lge free weight, Bar Bells, Body Bars, Steps, Kettle Bells, Abs  and more to help you develop a strong body and avoid injury.

BODYWISE YOGA & CORE  To STRETCH/FLEX/CALM & BE MORE MOBILE and to strengthen your core.  Yoga, Pilates and Core work combined with deep stretching USING YOGA POSES and Therabands.

Kids classes can also be added to an adult package or be purchased alone.

Whatever package you choose, you will have unlimited access to the current videos on site that you choose with new ones added every month. 







BODYWISE BY BETTY FITNESS STUDIO is located at 990 Hope Street in Stamford, CT.  It is a beautiful and comfortable, 1500 sq ft, WOMEN ONLY, "boutique" like fitness studio. But don't let the feminine appearance fool you. We kick some serious butt in these classes!!


If you are looking for a nice, clean, affordable, small personal training/fitness studio filled with other great women like yourself, who will encourage, inspire and motivate you to reach your personal fitness goals, look no further. 



This studio and these WOMEN ONLY classes are for EVERY-BODY - every SIZE, every SHAPE, every Fitness level. We do cater to the more mature woman. (mids 30's and up)


Exercise has many perks. Maybe you want Flat abs, toned arms, and a tight tush, or maybe it's just a burst of endorphin-fueled energy or a calmer, less-stressed mind. Perhaps you just want to feel better and sleep better.  


All of this is spossible -especially with our affordable personal training and the variety of classes we provide.

Studio B by Bodywise Fusion Fitness—workouts combine at least two  to three different disciplines.  
Fusion or "hybrid" fitness classes are hugely popular because they have been proven to be extremely effective and they make the most of your precious time.  The fresh mix-ups not only challenge your muscles in new ways, and ramps up your calorie burn.  They also keep you motivated with ever changing routines.  Examples are: Rebounding with Strength Training or with Barre, Step Aerobics with Strength Training, Boxing-Dance & Barre, 
Pilates & Yoga, Bodywise Boot Camp and Small Group Personal Training.  Click on links above for more complete class descriptions.

PERSONAL TRAINING - Is exactly that. Fitness designed just for you in our private setting. $60 per hr - 2 hr per week.